"Why doesn't every pool not have this swimming pool water treatment?" most common feedback.

These are 100% genuine testimonials from our customers and experts in the field. This is why we developed our fresh water system. You’ll notice two words appearing again and again: crystal and clear – which is how we feel about the case for switching to Enviroswim.

What the experts say:

I have over 30 years in the Swimming Pool Industry. I currently operate two pool construction companies, in different states, and a Pool Shop. The climate I operate in has temperature fluctuations of -5 to 45 degrees Celcius. Any pool sanitation system I put in the field must work, all year round. The Enviroswim System is tried and true technology with some smart new features. When it comes to looking after my customers, new and old, I want to provide products that work. They must be easy to use, cost effective, provide value, be sensitive to their environment (the pool landscape and it’s users) and also sensitive to “the environment”. The Enviroswim system ticks all these boxes and more. Enviroswim water is wonderful to swim in, easy to manage, cheap to run, won’t damage your pavers or pool fence. What more could you want? My customers love it! And I recommend it.

Steve Rowbotham, SPASA Pool Builder of the year (N.S.W. & A.C.T.)

I have been involved in the swimming pool Industry for over 31 years, and in this time I have used many water sanitisation system and have found the Enviroswim system to be one of the most simplest systems for customers to use. When we hand a customer’s pool over and explain how the pool needs to be run they can’t believe how little they have to do to end up with crystal clear water with no smell and no skin or eye irritation. On top of the quality of the water they even get to save money on chemicals and pump run time which reduces energy cost. We strongly urge our customers to consider Enviroswim, as we know how happy they will be.

Leo Portelli - Swimming Pool Builder, Sydney, NSW

I have been in the swimming pool & spa industry for over 30 years to date. The feedback I have received & the pools & spas I have maintained serviced using the Envioswim has been nothing but outstanding. Even with high level of rain or evaporation & topping up the pool, rebalancing is simple & minor, Customers enjoy the fresh water swimming experience. A simple ph test once a week, a copper test fortnightly & professional test monthly ensures pristine water quality Reduced running time is approximately 1/2 that of other systems. A Better Pool & Spa use & highly recommend the Enviroswim system.

Lyall Stephenson - A Better Pool & Spa, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

It seems to be with more and more frequency that our customers are looking for alternative solutions to standard pool sanitising systems. In some case this is because people have had a pool in the past and are looking for a healthy alternative to sanistising their pool without irratating the bather, less maintenance and running cost. That is why I have been offering my customer the Enviroswim ES3 as it ticks all of these boxes. We offer freshwater solutions to all of our customers and they are loving it, the quality and clarity of water is exceptional.

Doug Turner - Swimming Pool Builder, Sydney, NSW

I cannot speak highly enough of the Enviroswim product. As you are aware, I have had the unit installed at home on my pool and I have found it absolutely amazing, It keeps the water crystal clear and feels fresh all the time. At present I have the pool looked at every two weeks by Reliable pools who installed the unit, this will now drop back to monthly but there is nothing to do when they come regarding the unit. My input into the care and maintaining the water quality is absolutely nil. I have not added any chemicals whatsoever since the unit has been installed. I understand the pool filtration does not need to run as long now which would obviously save on power costs. At present we are building 3 new pools on current projects and I have strongly recommended the use of the Enviroswim product.

Alex Illes - Home Builder, Sydney, NSW

Enviroswim ensures that our rainwater filled swimming pools stay pure and allow our guests with sensitivities to enjoy swimming during their stay and not have to worry about chemicals and skin reactions. Our guests love the experience of swimming in our pools even more now.

General Manager, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

We have used your ES3 model for nearly 6 years now and we are very happy with it. The water is very clear and without any odor of chlorine. It is a very easy system to maintain and the installation was easy also. As a bonus we reduced the cost of chemicals and increased the life time on pumps etc. In other words, it’s a win-win situation. Also the service you give us is worth mentioning – as it is EXCELLENT. Without a doubt, this is a great product for pool sanitizing and I will recommend it to all pool owners.

The Enviromental Engineer. The World Cruise Ship

What our customers say:

Thanks Enviroswim for an awesome system, we had our pool installed about 10 months ago, wife gets eczema using normal chlorine pools, if we are on holidays she can’t use the hotel pool as much as the rest of the family so we looked for alternatives as there was no point in having a pool she could not use.

Cost is always a consideration but not the major one in this case. Some of the other alternatives used chemicals even more dangerous than chlorine, didn’t fancy storing such dangerous stuff or spilling any peroxide on anything let alone me. So we eventually decided on the Enviroswim system. The pool installer only charged a bit extra (about $500) compared to the standard salt/chlorine system so good start so far.

It looked like we would save a lot on chemicals according to the information we could find on Enviroswim and this had been well and truly proved so far. Only needed some acid (lowering pH) and buffer/sodium bicarb (raising alkalinity) which would be needed in any pool. We had some landscaping delays in the beginning resulting in a lot of sand and rubble getting in our pool for nearly two months. Despite all this the pool remained crystal clear and swimmable at all times. The fresh water taste and feel is simply amazing, straight out of a late night dip, dry off and into bed. No salty/crispy feeling or chlorine smell, it like getting out of the shower.

Girls with long hair don’t need to wash it after each swim so that alone is saving a lot of water. Throughout the winter we have been able to turn the filter down to about an hour per day (after advice from Enviroswim) so huge saving on power cost, (friends still running salt chlorinators 4 hours per day to keep chlorine levels up) but our pool is still crystal clear. Currently looking at solar heating and robot cleaners, some of the pool professionals coming for quotes and demonstrations had not heard of Enviroswim and were a bit unbelieving that the pool still looked so good with so little filtering, but did agree the water felt great on the skin. So far could not be happier

Just a small word of thanks for your brilliant ES3 system which was fitted to our new pool. Nearly 2 years on and our pool water is simply fantastic. No chlorine, crystal clear, no need to rinse off after swimming and definitely no red eyes. The system itself is very simple to use and we have only just changed the original copper and silver electrodes. Your support and willingness to answer our queries has been great and we recommend your product to everyone. By the way, our beloved cat would rather drink out of the pool than his water bowl.

Everything you told us is true, the Enviroswim is very easy to use (set & forget), extremely low maintenance & best of all the water is pristine and clear each and every day without one drop of any chemical oxidiser. All I need to add is a little acid in the pool every 4 or 5 days to maintain proper pH levels as this is a new concrete pool. Apart from that no other chemical maintenance is required. Anyway so far so good, to date we are extremely happy with the fresh water experience, no stinging eyes, no smells & the plants we water with any excess water are still alive. We will have no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone here in Melbourne.

I am thrilled with Enviroswim. I have not needed to add chlorine at all. Our water is the cleanest it has ever been. I have been searching for a product that does what it claims to do without chlorine and other chemicals and this is the first product that worked way beyond my expectations.

We have had the Enviroswim pool system for 4 years and it has operated faultlessly and maintained superb water quality throughout this time. In our previous home, we had a chlorine based pool system, which incurred high monthly chemical costs and required lots of fiddling to keep the water quality stable. Now our water is always crystal clear, tasteless and odourless. We can go away for weeks on end and the system does not miss a beat. We heartily recommend this brilliant Aussie technology to any prospective pool owners.

After speaking with the gentlemen from Enviroswim we decided to have the ES3 system installed. Our pool is in excess of 60,000 litres. The water quality is excellent, no salt or chlorine odours. Our water is crystal clear. We have plants growing as part of the pool surrounds and unlike salt or chlorine pools any water from the pool that may fall on the plants does them good rather than harm. The service provided by Phil and his team from Enviroswim is excellent. We are pleased to be able to recommend the fresh water system.

How environmentally friendly it is to not have to put anything into my pool for 5 months at a time except a bag of salt! Literally, that’s all I have had to add, a bag of salt last week, and I have done virtually nothing to it in that entire time except occasionally change the run time of the filter. I would be more than happy to help spread your message about Enviroswim, it’s a fantastic product.

Absolutely delighted with our Enviroswim system and the customer service you have provided. I would highly recommend the system to anyone looking to achieve a pristine, sparkling pool without the extensive use of chemicals. Not only that, but our daughter, who suffers from a skin reaction to chlorine pools, has had absolutely no problems with our pool. So all in all, couldn’t be happier.

We put the Enviroswim in our pool purely for health reasons, as we were not prepared to compromise the health of our young child. However, the benefits have been far greater, the water feels softer, our skin does not feel dry or tight when we get out, our swimware does not change colour, and our eyes do not turn red, even after hours of swimming. In 3 and a half years, our pool has never been anything but crystal clear. Use of the system could not be easier, it is practically a set and forget.

The system allows us to run the pool filter at half the time our neighbours run their salt chlorinators (especially over the summer months) so that has to be money in the bank. As for chemicals, we have added dry acid to balance the PH and buffer for the alkalinity, and about 4 bags of salt in the three years. We have never added Chlorine to our pool.

We recently built our first pool and we chose a freshwater system. After some research we decided on Enviroswim and we are so glad we did. Firstly the water is crystal clear and soft. My husband was a champion swimmer and he couldn't believe how soft the water is to swim through. Plus no salt or chlorine to stick to your skin, let alone these chemicals penetrating our bodies. Our dogs love the water too as there can be no side effects from salt or chlorine on their skin.

From the moment we filled the pool and started the system, our water has glistened. It is clear, it is quiet, the water is tasteless, there is no chemical residue on our skin, and for those of us who are blonde, there is no chlorine green tinge to your hair. (A very important thing for a girl). At no time does your skin feel dry. The filter does everything for you. We have it set to different times to filter automatically, and have easily adjusted the times as the seasons change. I am more than happy with our system especially in comparison to other systems we have had in other pools.

We purchased our pool last summer and are very pleased we went with Enviroswim after being recommended by a few friends of ours. The water is less harsh than our tap water which is great for swimming, no need to wash bathers or even wash hair nearly as much. Our kids choose to have a swim rather than a shower in summer which is so convenient. As far as maintenance, pretty much I only need to check weekly and add a little acid so very time efficient. Great to swim in, easy maintenance, reduced pump running costs. All positives.

We have had the ES3 system for 3 years now and have been very pleased with its performance. We love that we no longer need chlorine or salt in the pool and it has stayed crystal clear and easy to manage even through our West Australian heat waves.

Just a short note to let you know how happy we are with our Enviro Swim System. We are very happy with the economics of the system. Along with this, we and our grandchildren can spend a lot of time in the pool, and the children, who love going under the water, do not suffer from itchy skin or get sore and red eyes at all. Wonderful.

Well i'm a fairly new pool owner, my parents had pools when i was a kid but this is the first I've owned. Wife has eczema which gets a lot worse when in chlorine pools so no point in getting a pool she couldn't swim in so researched the chlorine free options. eventually chose the Enviroswim ES3 solution. its been in about 10 months now and couldn't be happier. at no point has the water been anything but crystal clear. in the first few months we had a delay in pergola which delayed paving so the pool was surrounded by sand with a lot getting in the pool. added to this we had some tiling done to a retaining wall putting cement chips and brick rubble into the pool as well. i swept the rubble up and removed it manually but vacuumed the sand which eventually blocked up the sand filter – yeah i know now it should be vacuum to waste, its a learning experience – but at no time did the water ever look anything but perfect. the kids can swim without needing to wash hair constantly (girls with long hair so a big water saver) a cool dip before bed and you can dry off and its like stepping out of the shower or bath, no smell and no crispy salt feel. Been through winter now and only run the filter about an hour a day, so bit of power saving. Enviroswim even says you can run less, maybe try it next winter. Costs so far are the unit itself, pool company charged me about $500 extra over the salt system. bought one 25 litre drum of acid and have about half left, most of that was used at the beginning with the high sand load. one kilo of stuff to fix water hardness (cant remember what that was called) and just finished the second 4 kilo bag of buffer to fix alkalinity. from what i gather not bad for 10 months. had a guy out to demo a robot vac and he said he had been in the industry 20 years and had not heard of enviroswim. could not believe the water looked so good and was close to calling Bull when i told him only ran the pump an hour a day through winter. my experience so far is nothing but fantastic. the system is truly awesome. i cant compare to other systems, we only got this to avoid chlorine and peroxide seemed potentially worse. Acid is the only chemical we need that is dangerous and you need that no matter what system you have. buffer is just sodium bicarb so really safe. I am still testing the water about every two weeks as i am still new at it and adjust the output on the enviroswim unit as required so it is maybe not as set and forget as maybe a chemigem type of system, but that is a penalty I am prepared to wear to avoid chlorine. will update if anything changes but so far cant say a bad word about it

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