Swimming Pool Ioniser & Ozone Generator - Sydney

Swimming Pool Filtration Methods in Sydney: Ionisers, Ozone Generators, and Enviroswim

There are plenty of pool filtration methods, but there are three in particular that are becoming more popular despite requiring more work and maintenance than the new Enviroswim ES3 pool filtration system. Swimming pool ionisers and swimming pool ozone generators have become popular because of their limited maintenance and the fact that they require fewer chemicals to do their job efficiently than more traditional methods like chlorine. It's important to understand how both these systems work to understand their respective drawbacks when compared to the Enviroswim system.

Swimming pool ionisers and ozone generators reduce chlorine use but still require it

Let's start with the pool ionisers and the way they work. Most people purchase swimming pool ionisers in Sydney because they like the idea of reducing the chemicals required in their swimming pool. Swimming pool ionisers work by releasing copper ions into the water which kills bacteria as they're exposed to the ions. There are two types of ionisers, though, the first is the electric ioniser and the second is the mineral ioniser. The electric ioniser works by charging the metals until they release ions. The mineral ioniser works by releasing a stream of minerals that react with the metals causing them to release their ions. Neither is more efficient than the other; they're just two methods of accomplishing the same goal. The biggest drawback of a pool ioniser is that while it reduces the need to use chemicals, ionisers alone aren't capable of sterilising a pool. This often requires the addition of chlorine to make sure the water's safe to swim in and entirely defeats the point.

The second filtration system is what’s known as a swimming pool ozone generator. Most swimming pool ozone generators in Sydney are sold because of a similar promise as ionisers; they reduce the amount of maintenance needed. Ozone generators work by pumping ozone into the pool which helps clear up small debris like body oils and grease. Similar to ionisers, though, ozone generators aren't able to sterilise an entire pool on their own, so you're still required to use chlorine. Unlike ionisers, though you have more flexibility with what chemicals you can use to sanitise besides chlorine, an attractive alternative is Bromine.

Don’t purchase a swimming pool ioniser in Sydney, check out Enviroswim’s ES3 system

Enviroswim is a revolutionary system that relies on electronic oxidising, ionisation and ultrasonics to maintain a sterile pool for your family. Enviroswim also eliminates the need to purchase additional pool chemicals like chlorine, salt, hydrogen peroxide and stabiliser. The ES3 system offered by Enviroswim fills your pool with fresh water which reduces the effect that harsh chemicals such as chlorine can have on swimmers while also making the water more pleasurable to swim in. The freshwater that Enviroswim creates reduces annual maintenance and repair costs of pools. On average it costs over $1500 a year to maintain a pool with chlorine or salt. Enviroswim's ES3 system reduces that to about $700 a year meaning can enjoy a better swim at a more affordable price.