Swimming Pool Ioniser & Ozone Generator Online

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Swimming Pool Ozone Generator Online: An All-In-One Ioniser and Filter System is a Better Idea

If you want to make the most of your pool this summer, you need to make sure the water doesn’t pose any potential health risks to you or your children. Many people disinfect their pool of toxins and bacteria via chlorination, but chlorine has been linked to numerous negative health conditions that often become apparent later in life. To combat this, you might be tempted to buy a swimming pool ozone generator online to work in conjunction with your residual sanitiser, though ozone gas can be toxic if not installed on your pump correctly.

However, those who oxidise their pool in this way find they need to buy a new pool ozone generator online rather often because of their short lifespan, meaning money is needlessly wasted on keeping pools toxin-free. For this reason, we suggest you consider a superior method of filtration that will maintain your pool’s freshness and save you money in the process.

At Enviroswim, our patented ES3 filter is a stand-alone system that requires minimal maintenance. It’s been developed using Australian government assistance and funding, and its high quality and effectiveness have earned it the world-renowned NSF accreditation. Our mission is to ensure your pool's water is contaminant free and 100 percent safe so you and your family can make the most of the pleasant summer weather.

Buy an All-In-One Pool Ioniser Online

Ionisation is a method of eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi from your swimming pool. It works by positively charging the electrons in your pool that subsequently attract negatively charged toxins, leading to cell degradation and the death of harmful microbes. Tests have shown the number of bacteria present in a pool decreases significantly in under two minutes using ionisation, but those who buy a stand-alone swimming pool ioniser online usually need to use it in conjunction with other filter systems. We exist to address that issue.

Our ES3 filter system is a three-in-one system that utilises three processes: ionisation, oxidisation and ultrasonics. That means it’s the only filter your pool needs, keeping your water clean and clear, annihilating bacteria and preventing the growth of algae, which can be a nightmare to eliminate. Additionally, thanks partly to minimal required maintenance, you can expect the following benefits from your new filter system:

  • Save cash – Our competitors provide filters which require regular refills of chemicals.
  • A longer-lasting system – By minimising the presence of salt and chlorine, your equipment – and pool – will last for years requiring little maintenance.
  • A clean pool – The ES3 kills bacteria, viruses and fungi while preventing the growth of algae.

We’re Only a Phone Call Away

Unlike many pool filter suppliers who profess the high-quality of their products, the ES3 filter has been independently verified by NAFA certified laboratories and has earned the highly esteemed NSF accreditation. We’ve already helped thousands of homeowners and businesses alike create safe swimming environments worldwide over the past two decades, and we can do the same for you. Call us today with any questions and we’d be delighted to have a chat.