Swimming Pool Ioniser & Ozone Generator - Brisbane

Skip the Pool Ioniser or Ozone Generator: Opt for a Superior Swimming Pool Cleaning System in Brisbane

Chlorine is the world's most popular choice of swimming pool sanitiser, but it is also widely known to pose serious health risks. Swimming pools sanitised with chlorine might not have bacterial issues, but they can still lead to everything from skin infections to respiratory problems to types of cancer.

As swimmers around the world become more aware of the potential risks of chlorine swimming pools, more and more pool owners are considering alternative methods of cleaning. In Brisbane, this search for better methods has led many pool owners to try out pool ionisers or pool ozone generators.

The Problems with Swimming Pool Ionisers and Ozone Generators in Brisbane

Immediately, using ozone generators or pool ionisers in Brisbane has a few major perks. Namely, neither of them are chlorine systems. However, if you dig a little bit deeper, you will start to see that the cons of these systems far outweigh the pros.

The weakness of swimming pool ozone generators in Brisbane is that they can't do the sanitisation job themselves. On the contrary, these systems are used to oxidise pool water and to clean swimming pools by aiding another sanitiser. Often, this 'other sanitiser' is chlorine, which means that ozone generators rarely help much in the quest to get away from chlorine. Worse, ozone generators utilise ozone—a toxic chemical in its own right—and have to make sure that it doesn't get into the pool water. They are expensive, needlessly risky, and ultimately superfluous if the pool has a suitable cleaning method in place.

Swimming pool ionisers have become even more popular in Brisbane than ozone generators. These systems use copper and silver ions to sanitise the swimming pool water. Such ions are effective at fighting bacteria and algae growth and aren't affected by heat or UV light, which means that they stick around in the water for longer than other sanitisers. These ions aren't dangerous, but they also don't provide complete sanitisation because they cannot perform oxidisation. As a result, some impurities that make their way into pool water (including oil and urine) are impervious to copper/silver ionisation. Thus, pools that use these ions as a means of sanitisation need another chemical to serve as an oxidiser. As you might guess, usually this other chemical is chlorine.

Introducing the Enviroswim System

At Enviroswim, we offer a unique system that can remove most of the chlorine from your swimming pool sanitisation process. Our systems are often compared to ionisers but are superior alternatives due to their more comprehensive capabilities. Enviroswim systems do use ionisation, but only as one of three simultaneous processes. By including two other methods (oxidisation and ultrasonics), these systems eliminate bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses more effectively while also minimising chlorine levels in your pool.

If you are looking to replace your current swimming pool chlorine sanitiser in Brisbane, don't opt for something like a pool ioniser or ozone generator that is probably going to use high levels of chlorine. Instead, opt for an Enviroswim system and reap the benefits of a truly health-conscious swimming pool cleaner. Send an email to info@enviroswim.com for general enquiries about our systems.