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As time progresses, scientists are uncovering more and more health risks associated with chlorine, a chemical typically used to disinfect pools. As a result, people are looking for ways to minimise the chlorine content in their water. The chemical has been linked to various cancers if consumed continuously, and though nobody intends to drink their pool water, it’s not uncommon for children to take an accidental gulp.

Additionally, salt water chlorination can result in pool surface corrosion, leading people to spend heaps of cash on pool and equipment maintenance. Some people have turned to mineral and magnesium filters, but the by-products of such filters usually include chlorine. Some filters produce hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and contaminants, but that's only effective if the chemical is highly prevalent – which it can't be due to its toxicity to humans.

Another way to combat chlorine is to use an oxidiser, but they usually have to be used in conjunction with an existing pool filter which adds to the expense of maintenance. Plus, ozone gas can be toxic if improperly installed on the pump. Fortunately, there is a much better way to keep your pool water both safe and crystal clear.

At Enviroswim, we’ve developed a filter that minimises your pools salt and chlorine content, effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and prevents algae growth. Further, it can help you reduce your electricity, equipment and pool maintenance costs. Our patented ES3 filter has helped thousands of homeowners all around the globe to keep their pool water safe and clean, and it's accredited by some of the world's leading organisations.

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Our stand-alone filter system is currently the most effective pool water purification product on the market. It works by combining the three processes of ionisation, oxidisation and ultrasonics, eliminating the need to buy several systems to keep your water safe. Here are just some of the benefits of purchasing swimming pool cleaning systems online from us:

  • Ionisation eliminates harmful bacteria – Ionisation works by sending a low voltage through your water to positively charge electrons which destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • It saves you heaps of cash – Our ES3 filter requires minimal upkeep to reduce your equipment maintenance costs, and it also uses less power than other filters to save on your utility bills. Plus, you won't have to spend thousands maintaining your pool more often than necessary, thanks to the ES3's capability to minimise your water's salt and chlorine content.
  • We can prove its effectiveness – While our competitors self-proclaim the effectiveness of their products, the ES3 is the only pool filtration system in Australia with the prestigious NSF accreditation. Plus, it’s been independently verified by NAFA certified laboratories and developed with the Australian government’s backing.

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At Enviroswim, our mission is to ensure your swimming pool is fresh, fun and contaminant-free so the whole family can enjoy swimming this summer. Swimming is a highly beneficial exercise, and we’re here to ensure you can take full advantage of the outdoors. Contact us today with any enquiries and we’ll be more than happy to offer further explanation.