The Enviro-Swim System is the result of many years of research in water sanitation technology..

In 2009 the system was independently tested & certified by **--. (see ** footnote)

Note: Enviroswim is not currently registered with **-- due to the financial costs of maintaining certification verses the volume of USA sales. Once USA sales grow to an acceptable volume we intend to re-list. This should not detract readers from the fact that we are one of very few Australian manufacturers who have invested $100'sK on the independent accreditation of our product for our customers assurance & safety.
** Contactual terms prohibit us from naming or using the trademarks of the organisation that certified our product whilst we are not maintaining the registration terms & fees.  Please contact us for more details regarding our history and previous independent accreditation for our patented system. 

After reading the following, those with a chemistry background will understand the significance of how much more efficient than chlorine the Enviroswim ES3 system is. Initial testing was conducted by a NSW Government NATA Laboratory following the guidelines for measuring the efficacy of a disinfection drawn up by the NSW Health Department (“Treated Water Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools New Disinfection Process Criteria”). The guideline requires a 4 log reduction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) within 30 seconds of exposure to the disinfection system.

We commissioned the laboratory to follow the guidelines and conduct back to back comparison tests on chlorine and Enviroswim. The results were amazing and somewhat surprising. At a level of 2.0 mg/L chlorine could not meet the required 4 log 10 reduction of PA in 30 seconds, it could not even meet the reduction in 15 minutes!! In contrast the current model ES3 system achieved a 4.96 log reduction in 30 seconds and total inactivation within 2 minutes.

Interestingly, the test protocol has since been withdrawn by NSW Health Department but not before the science was in. The full test papers are available on the links at the bottom of this page. It should be noted that the ES1 test was conducted on our previous system that incorporated copper, silver, ultrasonics and chlorine. The ES3 test was conducted on our current system that incorporates copper, silver, ultrasonics and freshwater electronic oxidation.

The results raise some questions. Just how efficient or more importantly inefficient is chlorine when used as a pool & spa disinfectant? We have searched the Internet for scientific data on the efficacy of chlorine and can find little that is not decades old using dated methodologies. We would welcome feedback from anyone that has access to recent efficacy tests conducted on chlorine. At this time our commissioned test seem to be the most up to date available and show that chlorine does not meet the required kill rates required by the APVMA.

Would it not be prudent for those responsible to revisit chlorine and conduct some up to date efficacy and toxicology tests? In our opinion it’s unlikely to happen while the chemical companies influence and provide revenue in the form of levies payable to the relevant authority. More on this to come!!

We invite you to read more about the benefits of ionisation just one of three processes used in the Enviroswim ES3 system and then check out some of the hazards of chlorination systems.

Compare the pros and cons of the most common sanitising systems with Enviroswim using the following link: Chlorine, Salt, Ozone, Chlorine, Salt, Ozone, Ioniser Enviroswim.

You can also read the results of the Tweed Shire Labs trials on:

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