Replacement Swimming Pool Filter & Pump - Sydney

An Innovative New Replacement Swimming Pool Filter System in Sydney

If you’re looking for a replacement pool filter system in Sydney that is cost effective, saves you time and is environmentally friendly, then look no further. The Enviroswim ES3 swimming pool filter system satisfies all the needs on your checklist. In operation for over 18 years, it is safely installed in over 10,000 pools and provides a low maintenance solution that pays for itself in less than three years for most average sized pools.

We are a trusted swimming pool filter system in not only residential homes but commercial properties as well. Our crystal-clear waters can be seen in hotels, resorts, spas and cruise ships. Our new technology employs three processes; electronic oxidising, ionisation and ultrasonics. The patented technology in the Enviroswim ES3 cleans and filters fungi, bacteria and viruses from pools without the heavy chemical smell. There are also fewer supplies needed on an ongoing basis to maintain the clarity of the water. Swimmers all over Australia and worldwide say that the water feels and looks superior to swim in and there are reports of less skin and eye irritation. Many long-time pool industry professionals are amazed at the clarity of the water, with so little swimming pool filtering.

Extend the Life of Your Swimming Pool Pumps in Sydney

Have you had to replace your swimming pool pumps in your Sydney property sooner than expected? Does your current swimming pool filter system create a hardship on your pumps? Most salt water and chlorine-based cleaning systems require the pumps in your pool to run a taxing eight hours a day which wears out the life of your swimming pool pumps. With the Enviroswim ES3 swimming pool filter system in Sydney, you only need to run your pumps 50% of the time. This virtually doubles the life of your swimming pool pumps and saves you half the amount of money on your energy bill. Also, variable speed pumps are not required with Enviroswim.

Lower Cost Maintenance Than Other Replacement Pool Filter Systems in Sydney

Our innovative pool cleaning system is less expensive to maintain over the life of your pool. Instead of the ongoing cost of chemicals and replacement pool filters and supplies, you can have a lower cost maintenance system that no chemicals. Typical maintenance involves a weekly test for the Ph level and testing the copper levels once every two weeks. Some customers only report once monthly maintenance or say when their pool guy comes by; there is nothing for him to do!

You can save nearly $500 for the average size pool in the cost of consumables by installing the Enviroswim ES3. 50% power savings are seen on your utility bill, and the device pays for itself within three years. The development of this technology was assisted by the federal government and has proven to be safe in commercial and residential homes. You can trust the Enviroswim ES3 as a safe alternative to traditional swimming pool filter systems in Sydney.