Replacement Swimming Pool Filter & Pump Online

Quit Buying Swimming Pool Replacement Filters and Repairing Pumps; Enviroswim Saves You Money, Available Online and In-store

One of the biggest hurdles to pool ownership is affording the annual cost of chemicals as well as the time lost manually cleaning the pool or hiring a pool guy to do it for you. Many pool owners who attempt to clean their pools manually often add too much or too little chemicals affecting the abrasiveness of the water and potentially harming components of the pool like the filter. Replacement pool filters are expensive and often need to be replaced yearly in high use pools or in pools that aren't adequately maintained. This results in a pool being a money sink and the only way to prevent high-cost pool maintenance is to take great care of the equipment you use.

Buying swimming pool filters online can save you money, but there's a better way

The biggest recurring costs associated with pool maintenance is the annual cost of chemicals. Most people use one of two methods to keep their pool clean: chlorine or salt. Chlorine is the most expensive of the two options costing about $900 a year for the average residential swimming pool. Salt is a little cheaper coming in at $740 a year but salt can be abrasive on the pools hardware, and it’s not advised to buy a replacement swimming pool pump online - meaning you're in for another trip and costly expenditure at the pool store.

In addition to the cost of chemicals per year, another recurring cost is the energy required to run your pool pump the required eight hours a day. If you tally up the annual cost on average, it's about $740 a year to run a pool pump just to maintain a clean and inviting pool. As you run your pool pump, you'll also deteriorate other components of the swimming pool like your filter that will need replacement.

Enviroswim alleviates a lot of the costs associated with pool maintenance

Enviroswim's ES3 swimming pool water purification system will save you time and money on pool maintenance every year. In addition to saving you money, Enviroswim will drastically increase the quality of your swim by creating a freshwater experience that all of our first-time clients love. Once you experience the difference, you won't want to go back! Enviroswim only needs to be operated for four hours a day instead of the typical eight hours like traditional swimming pool pumps.

The only other component that will need replacement is the copper and silver electrodes in the ES3. Ultimately your total annual cost running the Enviroswim ES3 system is just under $700 a year. Many people are currently paying upwards of $1500 annually for worse results! Don’t continue buying replacement filters and running expensive pumps, check out the Enviroswim ES3 system online or at a local retailer today!