Replacement Pool Filters Online

End Pool Corrosion with Replacement Pool Filters Online

It’s incredible when you think about it out of context: every day, countless Australians willingly handle corrosive and potentially toxic chemicals of their own free will. They use these chemicals around animals, plants, and even children, pouring huge doses into pools to keep them clean. Now, of course, keeping your pool free of bacteria, algae, and other contaminants is a vital health standard, but did you know there’s a way to do it without all that chemical corrosion involved?

If you’re looking for replacement pool filters online, you’re clearly familiar with how much damage corrosion can cause. Harsh chemicals aren’t just dangerous to your pool equipment though; corrosion can affect the surrounding area, and handling these chemicals isn’t great for you either. You can get out of dealing with all these chemicals though. While you’re looking for replacement pool filters online, it’s the perfect occasion to consider the alternatives to chemical pool sanitation systems. Enviroswim is one exciting option that minimises all chemicals and eliminates the need for many while completely eliminating the need for you to add or handle any chemicals yourself.

It’s effective too. Federal government funding assisted Enviroswim's development, and it conforms to NSW health department guidelines for the introduction of a new sanitiser. In government laboratory trials, Enviroswim’s sanitising effectiveness easily beat chlorine dosing as the most common pool cleaning strategy used today. That means your pool stays free from contaminants while your equipment -- and everything else -- stays free of corrosion as well.