Magnesium Pool Filters System Online

You Don’t Need to Buy Magnesium or Mineral Pool Filters Online: There is a Better and Cheaper Filter System for Your Pool

Thousands of Australians are eagerly awaiting the upcoming summer so they can take full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy swimming in their pool. Swimming is great entertainment for the whole family, and also a very beneficial form of exercise. However, it's vital to ensure the kids stay safe when splashing around and walking over slippery surfaces, but there are more hazards to worry about than just trips and falls.

You need to make sure the water in your pool is kept clean and well-maintained, commonly achieved by purchasing a magnesium pool filter online. Magnesium filters, however, are often acquired by those who want to avoid utilising salt water chlorination, but the by-product of using such a filter results in high concentrations of chlorine.

The problem with salt and chlorine is they can lead to the corrosion of pool surfaces and surrounding pool features, and they can lead to adverse health conditions in some cases. Luckily, there is an alternative to buying a mineral pool filter system online, and it’s a product that will help you save heaps of cash, too.

At Enviroswim, our ES3 filter system is currently the best method of pool filtration on the market. Our patented system has been approved by esteemed independent bodies and was developed using financial assistance from the Australian government. With our filter, your pool's chlorine content is minimised, and your water is safe and clear, and we've already supplied the ES3 to thousands of customers worldwide who can attest to its superb quality.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Mineral Pool Filter System Online

Our competitors claim their products are highly beneficial to your pool and help eliminate chlorine, but that’s a claim they’ve verified by themselves. In reality, magnesium and other mineral filter systems result in large volumes of chlorine and other dangerous chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, which can be toxic to humans in large quantities. Here are a few reasons why the ES3 is a better system:

  • Eliminates most chemicals – Our ES3 filter significantly minimises the presence of potentially dangerous chemicals including chlorine, salt and hydrogen peroxide.
  • We’ve had our product verified – Not only has it been developed in partnership with the government, but the ES3 has also obtained the world-renowned NSF accreditation and has been verified by NATA certified laboratories.
  • You’ll save money – Most pool filter companies want you to buy replacement chemicals on a regular basis, but our product requires minimal maintenance and can be attached to any pool pump system.

There’s no need to keep buying magnesium pool filters online when you could save cash by purchasing a much superior product.

A Better Way

At Enviroswim, we’ve been developing our product for nearly 20 years, and our system is currently the best filter available. If you have any questions or want to make your pool safe and clean right away, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff today.