Magnesium / Mineral Pool Filters System - Melbourne

You Don’t Need Magnesium or Mineral Pools for an Amazing Pool Filter System in Melbourne

Swimming in a pool feels wonderful, but not when it’s dirty and murky. The luxurious feeling of cool water on your bare skin disappears quickly when that water is not kept pristine and crystal clear. Therefore, keeping your pool clean is a vital but time-consuming and sometimes expensive task. Installing a pool sanitiser is not the easiest of jobs, and many chemicals commonly used for this purpose can be potentially harmful, especially to small children or pets.

What options does that leave for the pool owner who wants clean water without going over their budget or using dangerous substances? While there’s no such thing as a maintenance free pool, one Melbourne company is now providing the next best thing.

Imagine a pool filter system that surpassed all other known filters, including magnesium and mineral pool systems. Now imagine that the same pool filter system is safer and cheaper than just about any other pool sanitiser out there. Do you think we’re joking? Well, stop laughing, because that system is a reality. Instead of using a magnesium or mineral pool filter system in your Melbourne pool, why not consider one of the most effective pool sanitising options on the market and try Enviroswim?

Enviroswim has been operating for 18 years, which has given us time to patent our unique technology and fine tune our product. As a result, our stand-alone swimming pool water sanitiser surpasses all conventional and alternative pool sanitising methods, as validated by government and NSF efficacy testing. Enviroswim pools look and feel unbelievably good to swim in. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this technology over other pool cleaners and to find out how you can put one in your pool without delay.

Why You Should Replace Your Magnesium or Mineral Pool Filter in Melbourne

Salt water chlorination is one of the most common sanitising methods used in pools, but the use of magnesium and potassium chloride is also becoming popular. The result, however, is the same: the residual sanitizer is 100% chlorine, which can be a health risk. The same goes for most sanitisers that claim to offer mineral benefits—they throw a bit of magnesium in the mix and call it a mineral bath. You can avoid magnesium pool filters in your Melbourne pool when you use Enviroswim, though. We’ve been tested and found to exceed the standards set by the NSW health department for the introduction of a new sanitiser, which means that we’re a clean alternative to some of these other, less friendly technologies.

Safe, Effective and Affordable

Enviroswim isn’t just a cleaner option than mineral or magnesium pool filters. Melbourne residents looking for a budget friendly sanitiser will also want to choose this product since it is demonstrably less expensive to operate and maintain than any other available filters. For a system that will help keep you, your family and your pool happy and healthy, try Enviroswim today. Contact us with your questions via email ( or call us on 1300 888 457.