Magnesium & Mineral Pool Filters Brisbane

Why You Should Replace Your Magnesium and Mineral Pool Filter System in Brisbane (And What System You Should Buy Instead)

If you are looking to eliminate excessive chlorine use from your swimming pool, then your search may have brought you to magnesium or 'mineral' pool filters in Brisbane. However, while these systems are labelled differently than standard chlorination techniques, they still have many of the same old problems.

The Truth about Salt Water Chlorination

First off, it's important to understand that magnesium pool filters and mineral pool filters are essentially the same things. These names—as well as 'potassium pool filters'—are just different types of a broader category of swimming pool sanitisation. We call that broader category 'salt water chlorination.'

You see the word 'chlorination' there? Yep: these methods still use excessive levels of chlorine. You may have bought a magnesium pool filter in Brisbane with the goal of cutting down on chlorine levels in your pool, but these systems still use plenty of chlorine.

'How can these systems be the same?' You may ask. After all, salt, potassium and magnesium are different things, right? While it's true that sodium chloride is not the same thing as magnesium or potassium, the basic idea behind this pool sanitisation method is the same.

In salt water chlorination, you would add salt to the pool water, which would then be converted (via electrolysis) to chlorine. So, while you wouldn't be dumping chlorine into your pool water—and would therefore not have to handle so many harmful chemicals directly—there would still be chlorine in the water. As a result, the health risks of chlorine would still be present in your swimming pool.

When you buy a 'mineral pool filter' in Brisbane, it will work pretty similarly to this salt water chlorination process. Sure, it might require you to dump magnesium chloride or potassium chloride into the water instead of sodium chloride. However, these minerals are still salts and still include that pesky 'chloride' qualifier. In the treatment cycle, your minerals still convert to chlorine, which would still be the primary sanitiser in the water.

Finding a Replacement for Your Mineral, Potassium or Magnesium Pool Filters in Brisbane

When you find out that magnesium, potassium and other mineral pool filters in Brisbane are just chlorine treatment methods wrapped up in smart marketing, your first inclination might be to feel a bit cynical. If these treatment filters are still chlorine-based, are there any pool filtration systems that don't use chlorine in substantial quantities?

Actually, there is such a system. It's called Enviroswim, and it uses a combination of oxidisation, ionisation and ultrasonics to treat swimming pool water. Our system—like mineral filters—does create some chlorine via electrolysis. However, the quantity of chlorine that the Enviroswim system creates is much, much less than what is generated by salt water chlorination methods. Of all the swimming pool sanitisation systems in the world, ours is the most efficient at minimising chemical use in the process.

Enviroswim has been around for 18 years and has been used globally by tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits firsthand? Replace your magnesium pool filter in Brisbane today, by calling Enviroswim on 1300 888 457.