Chlorine Free Swimming Pool Filter System - Melbourne

What to Know When Shopping for a Chlorine Free Pool Filter or Swimming Pool System in Melbourne

You want chlorine out of your swimming pool and out of your life for good. The question is, how can you make that happen?

Most swimming pool enthusiasts would probably be on the same page with you. Chlorine serves its function in sanitising pools and hot tubs, but it also has a laundry list of disadvantages. Perhaps you have the smell, or maybe your issue is the dry skin or red, itchy eyes. Having to stock your pool with chemicals also adds to already-lofty operating costs. Then there’s the corrosion problem since chemical-laden pool water will slowly damage pool surfaces and pool system equipment. Who wouldn’t want to find a workable chlorine free swimming pool system in Melbourne?

Finding the Right Chorine Free Pool System in Melbourne

If you’ve been searching for a chlorine free pool filter or pool system in Melbourne, you’ve probably come across a few different options. Unfortunately, many of these alternatives replace chlorine with other harmful or questionable chemicals. One popular example is polyhexanide, or Baquacil, which is even worse than chlorine. Polyhexanide is a suspected carcinogen that is known to cause anaphylactic shock in some people.

While these systems are technically ‘chlorine free’—chlorine is incompatible with the systems and filters and cannot be used in polyhexanide pools—that fact is just about all they have going for them.

There are also systems, known as ‘natural swimming pools,’ that do not use any chlorine. If you are looking for true chemical free, chlorine free pool filter options in Melbourne, a natural swimming pool might seem attractive. By using sand filter beds filled with aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, these pools are supposed to keep the water sanitised through entirely biological means. Said another way, having a natural swimming pool is a lot like having a small pond in your backyard.

Unfortunately, natural swimming pools also have a lot of the same problems as small ponds or lakes. They quickly fill with algae and scum, making for an unsightly backyard feature and a not-so-stellar swimming experience. Natural swimming pools have also been known to be a nesting spot for Naegleria Fowleri, better known as the brain-eating amoeba. Simply put, just because this type of pool is technically a chlorine-free swimming pool system in Melbourne, that doesn’t mean you should try it.

Enviroswim: Not Chlorine Free, but Close Enough

When shopping for chlorine free pool filters in Melbourne, customers often come across what we are doing at Enviroswim. While it should be noted that our systems are not technically chemical free or chlorine free, they do eliminate most chemicals from the equation. Our ES3 system uses alternative processes to purify the water in your swimming pool. The system makes for swimming pool water that is fresher, less irritating, and less corrosive. As such, it is the perfect way to solve common chlorine problems, from dry skin and itchy eyes to quick deterioration of pool equipment and surfaces.

Ultimately, you don’t need to find a true chlorine free pool system in Melbourne to solve the problems of chlorine. All you need to do is try Enviroswim. Call us on 1300 921 946 to learn more.