Chlorine Free Pool Filter System - Brisbane

Looking for a Chlorine Free Pool Filter System in Brisbane? Consider Enviroswim Instead

No one likes swimming pool chlorine. It has a strong, distinctly chemically smell and can quickly leave your skin feeling dry and uncomfortable. Often, though, we think of chlorine as a necessary evil if we are going to swim in a pool or relax in a hot tub. It’s annoying to deal with, but it doesn’t pose any serious health concerns. Right?

Actually, not quite. Research has linked chlorine to everything from skin infection to respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Such reactions to chlorine are not necessarily everyday and don’t usually occur without heavy or consistent exposure. However, if you have a swimming pool, these health risks might still make you want to invest in a chlorine free pool system in Brisbane.

The Truth about Chlorine Free Pool Systems That Brisbane Pool Owners Should Know

The idea of installing a chlorine free pool filter on your Brisbane swimming pool probably appeals. Getting to enjoy your swimming pool every day without worrying about any potential side effects or health risks? Where do I sign up?

However, the truth is that many so-called ‘chlorine free’ pool systems marketed in Brisbane just use other chemicals instead. One example is polyhexanide, also known as Baquacil. In the swimming pool systems that use it, polyhexanide is used as a sanitiser. It serves the same basic function as chlorine, which is to keep the water in the swimming pool clean, hygienic, and safe for human contact.

Unfortunately, chlorine free pool filters that use polyhexanide may just be replacing one harmful chemical with another. The Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medical authority is currently reviewing polyhexanide due to concerns that it could be a carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent. Polyhexanide also has links with allergy flare-ups and anaphylactic shock, among other issues.

The bottom line, just because a system doesn’t use chlorine does not mean it is safe. If you have a swimming pool, you need some way to keep in sanitised. The unfortunate fact is that many swimming pool sanitisers just aren’t very good for humans. You should keep this fact in mind if you are still interested in purchasing a chlorine free pool filter for your Brisbane swimming pool.

Enviroswim: The Sanitiser You’ve Been Seeking

At Enviroswim, we have the solution you need to keep yourself and your family safe from the risks of chemicals like chlorine and polyhexanide. For 18 years (and counting), we have been offering a unique, patented and revolutionary sanitiser to swimming pool owners throughout Australia.

How does it work, you may ask? Our product uses three processes to keep your pool clean. These processes—electronic oxidising, ultrasonics and ionisation—run simultaneously and work to eliminate impurities from the water. Enviroswim is an effective way to remove bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other undesirable junk from your pool before you climb into the water. With our system in place, you will be able to swim with peace of mind once more.

Unlike other companies, we don’t tout our product as a ‘chemical free’ or ‘chlorine free’ pool system in Brisbane. Our system does use a few chemicals to retain a pH balance, and the machine itself produces some chlorine as a natural by-product of its processes. However, we can tell you that our system is one of a kind and can eliminate most of the concerns you may have about chlorine or pool chemicals. Call us on 1300 921 946 if you’d like to learn more about how the system works.