Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners - Sydney

Get Beautifully Clean Water with The Best Swimming Pool Cleaner in Sydney

There’s nothing like the sensation of diving into crystal clear water and the initial splash as you enter the pool. You’ve longed for the unique sensation of the cool, clean water enveloping you. You take a few strokes underwater and feel completely free and weightless. You feel rejuvenated, refreshed and as you make bubbles, you kick and swim your way to the top and take that satisfying first breath.

If only this were your experience every time you swam, and there was an automatic low-cost way to maintain this feeling and water clarity every time. What if you could have all that with no heavy chemical smell? Now there is an automatic swimming pool cleaner available in Sydney that does just that. Our patented swimming pool cleaning innovation produces a pure, clean water experience with fewer chemicals that's amazing to swim in. We provide one of the most trusted swimming pool cleaners in Sydney not only to homeowners but also commercial properties such as hotels, spa resorts and even the largest privately owned cruise ship in the world, the World Cruise Ship.

A More Sanitary Swimming Pool Cleaner in Sydney

Did you know it’s possible to have a swimming pool that’s cleaner than a mountain stream? Enviroswim is an automatic swimming pool cleaner in Sydney that is cleaner, purer and more sanitary than chlorine-, salt- water chlorination-, ionisation-, copper/silver mineral-, UV/ozone- and chemical-free based systems. Enviroswim pool sanitizer creates water that is ultimately purer than a mountain stream. If you’ve been seeking a swimming pool cleaner that will clean automatically without all the health concerns that chlorine creates, then Enviroswim is the answer. It kills fungi, viruses and bacteria from your pool automatically without having to purchase and handle additional chlorine and other harmful sanitisers. We offer you a solution with fewer chemicals that is a complete and total sanitising system.

How Safe is Enviroswim, the Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner in Sydney?

Although Enviroswim is a patented and unique swimming pool cleaner available in Sydney, it is a proven and established product. Tried and tested, Enviroswim has been in operation for 18 years and is already installed and safely in use in over 10,000 swimming pools in Australia and all over the world. In fact, no other competitor of Enviroswim has the best independent accreditation in the world as we do. Our swimming pool cleaner has stood up to rigorous testing to meet the guidelines of the NSW Health Department and several laboratory trials. The results were remarkable as compared to other swimming pool cleaners. Enviroswim proved to be more sanitary than chlorine alone and killed the same amount of bacteria in 30 seconds versus the 15 minutes it took to eliminate with chlorine. Enviroswim was also tested for one year by NSF, an independent facility that tests new water treatment systems and is known worldwide. In 2009 we were granted an NSF 50 certification after succeeding through challenges of every facet of water purification.

What does this all mean for you? It means there is a safer and more effective product available that generates purer water that will increase your swimming enjoyment. Not only will the water look incredibly clean, but you’ll have peace of mind about your choice.