Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners Online

Buy a Superior Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Online for Crystal Clear Water

Swimming is considered one of the most beneficial forms of exercise because it works almost every muscle in the body, poses very little threat in the way of impact damage, increases stamina and boosts lung performance. Many people try to swim for half an hour every morning before work and encourage their children to start swimming from an early age. Besides, health benefits aside, swimming is fantastic fun!

Thousands of Australians have outdoor swimming pools installed in their yards thanks partly to the nation’s enviable weather. With summer fast approaching, you’re probably looking forward to swimming more regularly than usual, but it’s important to remember that pools can be hazardous and the quality of your water should be immaculate.

Many pool filter manufacturers claim their products eliminate all forms of bacteria and other contaminants while minimising your pool’s chlorine content, but that’s not always the reality. While magnesium and mineral filters are effective disinfectants, they’re often used in conjunction with salt water chlorination, and by the by-product of these filters is – you guessed it – chlorine.

At Enviroswim, we've developed a robust all-in-one filter system that keeps your pool water safe while minimising its chlorine and salt content. Our ES3 system was designed with Australian government backing and has earned the world-renowned NSF accreditation. While there are plenty of swimming pool cleaners online, you can feel confident that your pool will remain crystal clear with the ES3 filter system.

Why You Should Buy Our Swimming Pool Cleaner Online

The ES3 filter combines three primary processes, meaning it’s the only filter you need to keep your water clean and safe. There’s no need to spend money needlessly on chemical refills, additional oxidisers and short lifespan equipment if you buy an automatic swimming pool cleaner online from us. Here are some of the main reasons why your pool will benefit from the ES3 filter:

  • Our filters protect your pool’s surface and surrounds – By eliminating the need for you to filter your pool via salt water chlorination, the ES3 will maintain the integrity of your pool surface and surrounds for years to come. Both salt and chlorine are highly corrosive, so it's best to minimise their content in your pool.
  • You’ll save money – In reality, some of our competitors want you to keep refilling their filters with chemicals because it further lines their pockets. Our filter requires minimal upkeep and uses power efficiently, saving you cash on electricity, equipment and maintenance.
  • The ES3 is accredited by esteemed, independent organisations – Our filter’s benefits have been verified independently by NAFA certified laboratories in Australia and worldwide, and it’s obtained the world-renowned NFA accreditation. Plus, we developed the ES3 with government approval and backing.

There’s No Better Place to Buy Swimming Pool Cleaners Online

At Enviroswim, we’ve already helped over 10,000 customers make their pools as fresh as possible with our superior ES3 filter, and we can do the same for you. Call us now with any questions, and we'd be delighted to provide assistance.