Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners - Melbourne

Shopping for Pool Cleaners? Find an Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner in Melbourne

Almost everybody loves swimming. The feeling of cool water soaking your body and the luxurious sensation of floating weightlessly has made it a popular pastime among the young and the old since humanity first learned how to doggy-paddle. If you’re lucky enough to own a swimming pool, you probably love taking a dip now and then when you have a few spare minutes, and the weather is nice. Unfortunately, though, outdoor pools can get murky and uninviting without proper care, which means that you need a way to keep your pool clean.

There are lots of different swimming pool cleaners available to Melbourne pool owners, but some are more effective than others. It’s also worth researching every potential swimming pool cleaner you find in Melbourne since some of them rely heavily on chemicals. You want to avoid methods that rely too heavily on chlorine, since it’s potentially harmful effects on humans have been well documented. Good news, though: there’s now an automatic swimming pool cleaner available in Melbourne that uses far fewer chemicals than just about anything else on the market, and still functions as an effective cleaner for your swimming pool. In fact, it’s more than just effective—it’s the most efficient cleaner around.

Enviroswim has been around for 18 years and has begun to catch on with pool owners around the world. Enviroswim is easy to use, low maintenance, and proven to be more effective than all other swimming pool water sanitisers. That’s right—all of them. It’s even been approved by government testing.

Combining the Best of Other Swimming Pool Cleaners Available in Melbourne

Some cleaners rely on natural ionisers, which is effective for treating algae but not so good for bodily fluids such as urine and sweat. To compensate for these problems, they then resort to adding high concentrations of chlorine—which we’ve already established as something you want to avoid. Others use expensive cleaning agents like ozone, which offers no extra protection for bathers in the pool and can release toxic gas into the pool water. Enviroswim, on the other hand, combines the benefits of ionisation with ultrasound technology and electronic oxidisation. The result? Far fewer chemicals than other cleaners, and triple threat effectiveness when it comes to keeping your pool water clean.

A Cost-Effective Treatment Option

Enviroswim isn’t just more effective than your average pool cleaner. It’s less expensive, too. You save considerable amounts of money when you choose Enviroswim as your pool cleaner because it’s a standalone system that eliminates the need for costly equipment such as variable speed pumps. It also uses approximately 50% less electricity than a standard pool setup – and since running a pool can cost a substantial amount in electricity bills already, you can appreciate the savings. Don’t waste more time or money than you need to spend when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Try Enviroswim, and enjoy the freshest swim of your whole life.