Automatic / Robotic Pool Cleaner - Melbourne

Use an Enviroswim System to Replace the Ineffective Automatic or Robotic Pool Cleaner in your Melbourne Pool

If you have a pool in your Melbourne backyard, then you’ll know how wonderful it can be to come home after a long day in the workplace, and slip into the cool depths, especially in the summer months when the outside temperature can be stiflingly hot. Your pool is a luxury commodity that gives you enormous pleasure, and naturally, you want it to stay in good condition with clean, clear water that is free from debris and bacteria. With that in mind, at some point, you may have bought an automatic pool cleaner for your Melbourne pool.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, and the salesman at the shop said it would do all the work for you, and keep your pool sparkling clean. Unfortunately, he lied, and although the robotic pool cleaner whizzes around your Melbourne pool and looks the part, the actual cleaning is quite poor. In fact, you constantly need to give it a helping hand. Not only that, it has a nasty cord that becomes tangled up all the time, constantly breaks down, and often gets stuck. You are quickly becoming frustrated and irate with it, so it's now time to think of another solution.

Introducing the ES3 Enviroswim Water Cleaning System

Many people are switching to the Enviroswim system, and it’s not difficult to see why. Enviroswim completely replaces any other cleaning devices you may have and keeps your pool water crystal clear and free from all bacteria. Also, it uses very little in the way of chemicals. In fact, for the cleaning part, it uses no chemicals at all, but a small amount of chlorine is required to maintain the pH balance of the water (that’s how acidic or alkaline the water is).

So how does all this work? Well, rather than using chemicals to kill off bacteria in the pool, the Enviroswim uses a combination of ionisation and ultrasonics instead. Ultrasonics is far more efficient than chemical solutions for removing contaminants from a pool, so rather than introducing new elements such as chlorine that smells and can cause skin and eye irritation, you're cleaning the water just by using sound waves to do the same job. The result – clean, pure water that looks and feels great to swim in.

Rid Yourself of that Robotic Pool Cleaner in your Melbourne Pool

It’s time to move in the 21st Century, and do away with ineffective systems that frankly, just don’t work. An Enviroswim system is the most effective pool cleaner available today. We have tens of thousands of customers all over the world that will tell you that. Not only does it clean very effectively, but it’s also better for the environment, and better for your pocket, as it uses very little electricity.

Browse through our website for a wealth of information on how an Enviroswim ES3 system can be the best thing you ever did for your pool. You can buy online too, or contact us at 1300 888 457 for more information.