Automatic Pool Robotic Cleaner - Sydney

Get The Money-Saving Automatic Pool Cleaner That Costs Less Than Robotic Pool Cleaners

We all know by now that the cost of pool maintenance can be staggering and cost prohibitive to ownership, or at least that it’s an expensive undertaking. There’s the cost of buying chemicals and supplies to maintain proper PH levels, the energy bill from running the pumps for eight hours or more and time and transportation for getting the chemicals back and forth from the pool supply store. Not to mention the expense, if you so choose, to pay for the time of a pool professional for cleaning. You may also have to repair or replace pavers, pool surrounds, fences, landscaping and secondary pool equipment that has chlorine and salt water corrosion. You must be thinking there has to be a better way. There has to be a better pool cleaner in Sydney that makes pool ownership more cost efficient and is environmentally safe.

A Cost Comparison of Automatic Pool Cleaners in Sydney

Pool A and B are average size in-home residential swimming pools consisting of roughly 50,000 litres. Both swimming pools have the same amount of dust and leaves and are in neighbouring homes, having the same temperatures and climates throughout the year. The owner of Pool A was looking for a pool cleaner in Sydney and chose a salt water based cleaning system, an attractive alternative to chlorine pool cleaner in Sydney. Over time, the owner of Pool A will spend an average of $780 per year on supplies to maintain the safety and clarity of their pool. They also had to get monthly supplies of hazardous chemicals and pay to transport them to their home. The pump system in the salt water sanitised pool had to run for at least eight hours per day. The bill for this yearly power-guzzling pump amounts to $740 per year, and since power costs are rising, the bill next year will be even higher. In all, pool A costs upwards of $1500 annually to maintain. Now let's see how the neighbours are doing.

Enviroswim is The Only Pool Robotic Cleaner in Sydney That Pays for Itself

In the home next door, pool B has the new Enviroswim ES3 swimming pool water purification system installed. They were looking at swimming pool cleaners in Sydney and wanted a system that would pay for itself in a short amount of time. They have school aged children and plan to use the extra money saved towards their college funds. They also are environmentally conscious and wanted a safe option they could feel good about, particularly for their children, plants and animals. The owners of Pool B also made a significant investment in landscape designing and their pool surrounds, pavers and fencing. Besides the initial supplies needed, they have had to purchase very few consumables to maintain the clarity of their crystal clear pool. They’ve avoided the stress their neighbours have in transporting heavy and hazardous chemicals and enjoy a fresh water experience with only periodic PH tests. In all, they have only spent about $15 per month on supplies, totalling just $180 per year. Their Enviroswim ES3 automatic pool cleaner for their Sydney home only requires four hours a day of pump usage, half that of their neighbours. As a result, their total annual cost of ownership including their power and supply costs only $695. In three years time, these happy owner's investment will have paid for itself.